Alkaline Foods

Alkaline foods are raw food that, when metabolized or "burned," leave an alkaline residue or ash in the body. Foods that leave an acid ash are called acid ash foods.

As we’ve mentioned, this is an important factor in health because the alkaline/acid balance of the body determines whether or not disease can survive in our bodies. Disease thrives in a more acidic environment, and a healthy body thrives in more alkaline surroundings. Which sounds better to you? Below are lists of foods that are alkaline and foods that are acid:

  It is recommended that our diets consist of 80% alkaline ash foods.

Alkaline Food Chart

  It is recommended that our diets consist of 20% acid ash foods.

Acid Food Chart

Best To Worst

To clarify even further, the best source is raw plants. Everything else is acid. The things we put into our bodies, from best to worst, are listed below.

Best To Worst Acid And Alkaline Food Chart

Standard American Diet (SAD)

As you can see, our Standard American Diet (SAD) conspires to move us to a more acidic condition. In the Best to Worst list, we have only one group from which to choose 80% of an ideal diet. We have fourteen other groups from which to choose 20% of the ideal diet.

It’s easy to see how we can be lead astray. Now that you may be more aware of the consequences, bringing more raw food (fruits and vegetables) into your diet will start to swing your body back to better health and balance. It is up to you.

Next, let's find the easiest ways for starting a raw food diet. You will rediscover what foods you love and take a close look at what you're eating now.

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