What Is Raw Food?

Raw (as in raw food), as defined by Webster’s Dictionary, is uncooked, not refined or processed. However, this definition alone means many different things in today’s society.

What Is Raw Food?

We are talking about fresh, natural, living, organic (when possible) food. This means fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and limited grains that are uncooked, unrefined and unprocessed in any way.

This is the most nutritious, safest food you could possibly consume. This is food your body recognizes as food and can easily digest without expending an excessive amount of energy. Everyone can benefit from this, especially if it’s blended into liquid or made into juice.

What we are not talking about is anything cooked or heated above 118 degrees, pasteurized, irradiated, canned, preserved, sprayed by pesticides, or containing additives such as MSG, BHA, and BHT. (Frozen is fine in some circumstances, but is not the best option. Freezing compromises the fiber in food, but some frozen fruit in smoothies is acceptable, when fresh is not available. Most frozen food is frozen within 48 hours of picking.)

An Absolutely Raw Food Diet

By definition, a raw diet could include dairy, fish, meat, insects, etc. But we won’t be discussing any of these. There are also some foods, such as potatoes, that may be eaten uncooked, but don’t necessarily taste delicious – to us. The important thing is to start adding more fresh, living food to your diet.

It's Up To You!

You may choose to add some raw dairy, fish and meat. For more information on this, check out Carol Alt’s book, Eating In The Raw. If you would like to continue eating some cooked food, read The Raw Food Detox Diet, by Natalia Rose. It’s all up to YOU!

Also check out our section on Proper Food Combining if you are still eating cooked food.

Don't Label Yourself

If you feel the need to label yourself, you may be putting unwanted and unnecessary pressure on yourself to eat with severe restrictions – which our traditional “diet mentality” does. Diets don’t work! Optimum health works!

A natural, healthy lifestyle works – one that allows for changes of mind, social situations and having FUN! You may find your idea of fun things to eat changing when you add more live, uncooked foods to your life. To paraphrase an often quoted supermodel – “Nothing tastes as good as lean and healthy feels!”

Natalia Rose says, “No labels, thank you very much! I eat what I eat when I want to and that’s that.” Good advice! And she looks fantastic.

Now that you understand what raw food is, let's take a look at What Can I Eat? We'll show you the best foods to start with which are easy and delicious.

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