Raw Food Benefits
What’s In It For You

The raw food diet is simply a return to food in its natural state – the food we were meant to eat. Raw food benefits can be as simple as increased energy or as dramatic as the results listed below which people have reported after switching to a raw food diet.

  • Permanent weight-loss management
  • Beautiful skin and hair
  • Increased energy and stamina
  • Mental clarity and focus
  • Emotional balance
  • Spiritual connection
  • Decreased cravings
  • Healing of ailments from minor to life-threatening – such as acne, allergies, arthritis, asthma, cancer, congestion, constipation, diabetes, herpes, infertility, menopausal symptoms, obesity, thyroid problems, and ulcerative colitis
Raw food diet testimonials for the above are available in The Live Food Factor by Susan Schenck.

What’s in it for you? Changing your life for the better – you will look better, feel better, and reverse aging.

Raw Food Benefits For Health

As you add more raw fruits and vegetables to your diet, you are receiving maximum nutrition from your food. Your job is to deliver the groceries (nutrients) to your cells and take out the trash (waste), so to speak.

The nutrients from raw foods are delivered through the blood to the cells resulting in cleaner blood and healthier cells. This is the goal. Superior nutrition will return your cells to their more youthful functioning. Because raw foods are easy to digest, this frees up energy for healing and cleansing.

Elimination is one of the functions of the body that rarely gets completed. How many meals and snacks do you consume every day? Two? Three or more? How many bowel movements a day do you have?

Most people think that it’s normal to have one. Where do you think all those other meals are hiding? Raw food speeds up elimination and makes constipation a thing of the past. It may feel strange to be eliminating more often, but remember, more elimination is always a good thing.

What waste doesn’t get eliminated gets stored in your cells as toxic residue. Our digestive system does not recognize cooked or processed food as food, so it surrounds what it cannot eliminate with water and stores these toxins until it can find a way to eliminate them, which may be never.

All this waste is the fundamental source of excess weight in your body and the process of cells storing these toxins is called dis-ease.

If it gets too toxic around the joints, we call the disease arthritis; around the lungs, we call the disease colds, flu, pneumonia, bronchitis or asthma; around the stomach, we call the disease indigestion, heartburn, or ulcers; and anywhere in the body these toxins have been eating away, we call the disease cancer.

Disease is a lack of health. Cells can’t perform their function. We don’t catch diseases, we earn them from the wrongs we have done to our bodies, which also includes negative thoughts. We can help our cells by eating mostly raw plant food, flushing out the toxins and replacing them with nutrients – keeping our cells clean and healthy, and able to function.

Raw Food Benefits For Weight Loss

People frequently notice a weight loss when they start eating a raw food diet – especially all raw. At raw food institutions, such as the Optimum Health Institute and the Hippocrates Health Institute, the average weekly weight loss is four to fifteen pounds. Much of this will be water, but on raw fruits and vegetables (take it easy on the fats), later weight loss will be fat, especially if you add some movement (aka exercise) to your improved lifestyle.

As you replace cooked and processed foods with more raw food, you can expect to lose weight quickly and consistently, and keep it off. We are talking about a lifestyle change here, not just another diet, even if it’s just adding more raw fruits and vegetables to your diet, rather than going all out and switching to a completely raw diet. Eating the same things that got you here will get you back here, if you don’t maintain some changes.

Raw Food Benefits For Beauty
As Well As Health

In addition to weight loss, as a beauty benefit, most people, especially women, notice that skin loses its puffiness (from retained fluids, sick tissues and fat). Now, the bones in your face are visible and you get to see what you really look like. Your eyes will be brighter, hair shinier and nails stronger.

When I finally realized the quality of my skin was dependent on what I put into my body, not on it, and began to eat more quality foods and less junk, my skin became softer, more firm, and my pores became finer, smaller.

Some people report less gray hair and their cellulite gone. When working out, Carol Alt (Eating in the Raw) found her body improved faster after going all raw.

Many women will not start eating raw for their health, but they will for beauty. You will look younger. Your true vitality appears. Your skin glows. You radiate bright positive energy. You simply look better!

Raw Food Benefits For Energy And Stamina

The body will always distribute energy in these priorities:

  • Crucial functions, like respiration and circulation
  • Muscles and organs
  • Digestion (uses the most energy)
  • Cleansing, elimination, immunity and fat loss
The body rarely gets around to completing digestion, let alone cleansing, healing or fat loss. Just eating more raw food and less cooked food, decreases the need for extra energy to digest your meals. We now have more energy and stamina for physical activity and whatever we need or want to do – like have FUN!

Raw Food Benefits For
Mental Clarity And Focus

Considering you are what you eat, diet affects not only physical health, but ideas, perceptions, even dreams. Raw food provides the nutrients the brain needs. Memory sharpens and concentration improves. You are now alert and have the mental stamina to complete what you need to do.

Raw Food Benefits For Emotional Balance

With more raw food, a clean body contributes to a clear mind. Emotional health is enhanced and an increase in positive thinking is experienced, leading to a more open-minded and optimistic view of life. Mood swings decrease, mind chatter calms and emotional ups and downs are smoothed out.

The modern chemicals in food create mild to extreme stress, pollute the consciousness and cause "storms in the body" which also cause storms in our emotions. I find that although caffeine may seem like a nice little pick-me-up on occasions, it can also cause me to be more impatient or aggressive than I want to be. Imagine what all the hormones, pesticides and antibiotics in our food can do, with more long-term consequences than caffeine.

Victoria Boutenko, in her book 12 Steps to Raw Foods, says that when we eat for stimulation and momentary pleasure, or to change the way we feel (instead of for nutrition), we drain our vitality. However, with a raw food diet, we can be freed from cravings. Regarding former addictions, desire falls away. Behavioral problems, such as depression or hyperactivity, may disappear. Many have found (including me) that more greens alone can help reduce cravings within a matter of weeks, in some cases days.

Raw Food Benefits For Spiritual Connection

Most spiritual traditions consider the body as the temple of the soul/spirit and pursue purification, cleansing, fasting and renewal as a path to the divine and for awakening spiritual awareness.

The raw food diet supports this journey as a peaceful way of life. As we work with raw food, cleaning and preparing it, then consuming it, we can feel closer to nature and the divine character of everything. People have reported a state of inner bliss, enhanced meditation, prayer, intuition and psychic abilities. Such is the power of raw living food.

A Few More Raw Food Benefits

You will save money on processed foods, junk foods and medical bills.

You will derive more pleasure from the simplest foods. Natural tastes so much better.

You will have more free time – no scrubbing of pots and pans, no grease. The clean up of blenders and juicers is a snap. No need even for soap.

It’s better for the environment. Fruits and vegetables feed many more people than grain- or meat-based diets. It costs less to grow fruits and vegetables than it does to grow grains or cattle – and there’s no slaughter involved.

As you can see, there are a number of raw food benefits and they are not just good for you, but, good for the planet as well.

Next, let's take a look at why Raw Food Health is best. You will find out why live enzymes and alkaline foods are so important.

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