Ani Phyo’s Fat Blast Diet

I really liked Ani Phyo’s Fat Blast Diet book.  There is a lot of terrific information about raw food, what you’ll get from different types of raw food, and introduces you to some foods you may not be familiar with that are really good for you.

I also liked the simplicity of the recipes. You only need a blender. Ani recommends a high speed blender like Blendtec or Vitamix. If you don't have either, your blender will work just fine.

Quila loves this book and continues with the recipes that she modified to suit her and Rick’s taste. See our Other Raw Food Recipe Page.

The diet is broken down into three parts:

Shake It Up – The Cleansing or Rebooting Phase

This phase lasts for three days (or more, if you want to repeat and lose more weight and really detox your body).  You’ll be drinking all shakes/soups during this phase, and can drink as many as you need to feel full and not deprived.  This really is a good body cleansing detoxification phase.  

Melt Down – Getting Rid of Body Fat Phase 

This is a four day phase and really focuses more on fighting fat and where Ani introduces what she refers to as “Rocket Fuel” – pre- & pro-biotics and fats that fight fat.  You’ll also continue with the body cleansing detoxification ingredients from Phase 1 but, this phase is more about getting rid of body fat.  You’ll also start to add in more solid foods during these four days.  

Blast Off – Getting Rid of Those Last Extra Pounds

This phase lasts seven days and you’ll be adding in more solid food as well as Ani’s thermogenic (metabolism boosting) “Rocket Fuels.”  

You can repeat the first two phases until you’ve lost as much weight as you want (I lost four pounds) and then move into Phase 3.

Overall, I think this is a great book for beginners.  It’s easy, you don’t need a lot of expensive gadgets, it’s informative, you’ll lose weight and you can see how easy it is to start incorporating more raw food into your diet without feeling like you’re on a diet. 

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