What Can I Eat On
The Raw Food Diet?

There is so much information and misinformation on the raw food diet out there that our recommendation is to go with what feels right to you. First, do what makes sense to you. Second, eat what tastes delicious and makes your body feel good. Then go ahead and experiment with new foods.

We Are Frugivores

We like to start with Douglas Graham’s list of raw foods from his book, The 80-10-10 Diet, because it is limited to mostly delicious foods. His theory is that we are “frugivores” – creatures that live primarily on fruits with the addition of tender greens.

We tend to agree with this because if you picture yourself foraging for food in nature, we can’t imagine that you would look for, or eat nasty tasting foods. So, although we don’t limit ourselves to this list, it is a good starting point.

The 80-10-10 Diet

Raw Food Table

In addition to the foods above, we would add the foods below, mainly because we love them, but also because of their nutritional value, especially juiced. We feel the foods in these two tables offer the beginner the easiest place to start, with foods you know and love!


Raw Food For The Beginner

Raw Food For The Beginner

In the table below are additional foods to consider from Fit For Life, by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond:

Fit For Life

Raw Food For The Beginner

Note that many of the above are not necessarily delicious raw, especially alone. However, some contain amazing nutrients and are tolerable when juiced or blended with fruits and other vegetables. Banana, lemon, oranges and pineapple are great at cutting strong or bitter tasting greens. When you’re just beginning a raw food diet, we recommended that you stick with foods that are familiar to you.

Caution: Unjuiceables

Avocado, banana and coconut do not juice, but can be added to juice in the blender.

Jack LaLanne says that rhubarb is not a good candidate for juicing due to high oxalic acid content and may contribute to kidney stones. Never use rhubarb greens. They are toxic. You may want to skip rhubarb as a juice source.

On the other hand, Dr. Norman Walker says just the opposite. He reports that cooked rhubarb is the culprit in kidney stones. Dr. Walker was one of the world’s leading nutritionists. He discovered the therapeutic value of fresh vegetable juices. See his book, Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices, for more specific information on which juices may be of benefit to your specific needs.

Jack LaLanne died recently at the age of 96. Dr. Norman Walker reportedly died at 99 (although rumor has it he lived to 118!). We'll leave it up to you about whether or not to incorporate rhubarb as part of your raw food diet!

An Extreme Health Building Raw Food Diet

Finally, we show recommendations from the Optimum Health Institute, which I have visited three different times. They offer outstanding classes covering all aspects of optimum health in mind, body and spirit.

They are masters at teaching a natural health-building lifestyle, emphasizing raw, fresh, natural, living, and organic fruits (limited for their purposes), vegetables (also limited), nuts, seeds, sprouted grains and legumes and some fermented foods. A very healing experience!

Guidelines From The
Optimum Health Institute

Raw Food For The Beginner

Which Foods Serve Your Body Best?

You might think that a raw food diet may seem restrictive and cumbersome to follow, this is why we want to show you different options and leave the choice up to you. Learn to experiment to find which foods serve your body best. We also recommend that you use as large a variety of foods as possible to get the full spectrum of nutrients.

We encourage you not to label yourself a raw foodist yet, unless or until, you know you are willing and able to just eat a mostly raw food diet, and are ready for it emotionally and physically.

We aren't at the 100% raw level, but we're getting there! We think the 80/20 rule (80% raw, 20% cooked) is best because that’s what works for us.

Our mission is to make switching to a raw food diet as easy, fun and healthy as possible – so you really can do it AND enjoy it!

Next, let's take a look at Raw Food Benefits and how incorporating more raw food into your diet can sometimes have dramatic results!

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