Raw Food Smoothies

Raw food smoothies are merely blended drinks/meals. Blending “chews” raw food better than we can – especially high-speed blending. Cell walls are broken down and nutrients are released, especially in greens, but it leaves the fiber. Blending helps pre-digest the food so our bodies don’t have to work so hard in the digestion phase of metabolism.

Raw Food Smoothie

Our Journey to Raw Food Smoothies

We started out years ago, making our smoothies with milk, fruit and protein powder. We later replaced the milk with soy or rice milk, then settled on almond milk, added some green powder, upgraded our protein powder to hemp protein, and added more fresh fruit instead of frozen.

Kids love this type of smoothie since it seems like a milkshake. It is an ideal raw food breakfast. The variations are limited only by your imagination and are healthy recipes for kids. Make sure any protein or green powders are all raw. You can even make your own raw almond milk in a blender.

All Fruit Raw Food Smoothies

An alternative is the all-fruit smoothie. I always start with two cups of orange juice. Then I fill up the blender with pineapple, mangos, peaches, bananas, raspberries or strawberries or blueberries. Other great choices are whatever YOU love. Check the food lists under What Can I Eat for ideas. (Note: use up whatever is getting over-ripe, or freeze it.)

You will discover the combinations you and your family love. Let the kids choose some. Remember, it’s supposed to be delicious, fun and easy. Raw food smoothies fit the bill. These are healthy meals. And now you know how to make a smoothie – make it up!

Blenders for Raw Food Smoothies

All you need is a blender. We wore out several conventional blenders over the years, until we finally invested in a high-speed blender – the Blendtec Total Blender. It makes blending a dream. Now I couldn’t live without it!

The Vitamix Blender is also a great high-speed blender. When you decide this is a lifestyle you are ready to embrace, invest in a high-speed blender. As a beginner, a regular blender is sufficient – until it breaks down!

The Green Smoothie

Green smoothies have had the most profound impact on my health – maybe ever! Victoria Boutenko says,

Raw Food Smoothie

“Green smoothies belong to the healthiest foods available to humans. They are also delicious and easy to prepare. If added to anyone’s existing meal plan, green smoothies can serve as a perfect bridge from the Standard American Diet (SAD) to a more nutritious way of eating. It is my dream to introduce green smoothies to every family on this planet.” I will help!

All you do is add some fresh greens – spinach, lettuce, chard, etc. – to your raw fruit smoothies. Start out lightly with the greens – a handful of spinach, a few leaves of lettuce or chard – to a blender of fruit. They add a fresh, tasty dimension to the fruit smoothie. The greens cut the super sweet taste of the fruit, but in a fresh and delicious way.

Super Benefits Of Magic Greens
In Our Raw Food Smoothies

Within a few weeks of adding greens to our raw fruit smoothies, my sinus issues and allergies cleared up, my elimination improved even more, and my nails strengthened. I have more energy, feel stronger and need less sleep. My husband even started losing a few pounds without changing anything else. I anticipate even more long-term benefits.

Simple Raw Food Smoothie Recipes

Smoothies are as simple as we can get. Healthy smoothie recipes are any that contain only raw food. To keep them healthy, stay away from those with sherbet (sugar), and yogurt (dairy), and any processed juices. With these, the calories skyrocket. Keep it simple.

Raw food smoothies make great meals, especially raw food breakfasts – even raw food lunches. You get to choose what you love and make your own simple recipes. Clean up is a snap – simply rinse out the blender – no soap even needed. Then enjoy your delicious meal!

We have more healthy smoothie recipe ideas for you. Give them a try and let us know what you think! And let us know if you come up with ideas for a vegetable smoothie! We’d love to hear what YOU come up with; we're always looking for healthy smoothie recipe ideas to share.

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