Starting A Raw Food Diet

Starting a raw food diet can be easy. First, take a look at why you’re doing this. This may determine how you start. Are you ready to jump in with both feet due to severe health challenges?

Some say this is the easiest. It will produce the quickest results. It may also produce the most uncomfortable detoxification symptoms. If you eat a lot of toxic food (such as sugar, salt, dairy, grains or processed food) or have some toxic habits (smoking, caffeine, or alcohol) and eat little raw food, a total raw food diet may be a shock to your system.

On the other hand, if you just want to look better, feel better, have more energy, clear up some minor health issues AND remain in your comfort zone, you may want to move a little more slowly. You also may have a family to consider, and they may not be on board with an all raw food diet.

Starting A Raw Food Diet
With Food You Love

Make a list of the raw fruits and vegetables you love that you can eat alone or in smoothies or juices. Check out our page on What Can I Eat for a list of foods. What raw foods would you like to eat more of? You choose.

Raw fruits and vegetables come packaged in the perfect, precise combinations of nutrients the body needs. How bad could they be? It is very difficult to over eat raw fruits and vegetables. See what tastes good and makes you feel good.

Starting A Raw Food Diet
By Examining What You Are Eating Now

Write down what you are eating now. Do this for about a week. Note how you feel afterwards. Do you feel energized? Tired? Bloated? Do you have heartburn or indigestion? Here’s a hint – if you don’t feel energized, that food is not for you. If it gives you heartburn, stop eating it. Give your body a break.

Your mind may think you like a particular food. It may even be a beneficial food like broccoli or cauliflower. But if your body doesn’t like it, it’s not for you. Learn to trust your body! You may discover that you are allergic to, or sensitive to certain foods. Check out our page on Food Sensitivities.

I have found that food I was sensitive to when I first went raw, like cucumbers, are fine for me now. Your body will change - for the better.

Starting A Raw Food Diet
Is A Do-It-Yourself Plan

This is a do-it-yourself plan. That’s why it is easy. You choose how fast you want to do this. You choose whether you want to go all raw or just add more raw food to your current lifestyle. You choose what you want to eat and how much. There are only a few raw foods (fats like avocado and nuts) to eat sparingly. The rest just don’t have that many calories – especially compared to what you may be eating now.

I have found that every program or plan I have ever looked at hasn’t been a good fit for me. It had food in it I didn’t like or didn’t want to prepare. Many had too much food for me; my body just doesn’t need that much food. Here the choice is yours, but please choose on purpose.

Some Ideas for Starting A Raw Food Diet

  • Just start adding more raw food – have carrot, celery, beet, and jicama sticks for snacks and just before dinner.
  • Make smoothies with fruits and greens. All you need is a blender. Check out our page on Raw Food Smoothies.
  • Start juicing vegetables and greens. Check out our page on the Benefits of Juicing.
  • Try one meal at a time – start with a raw food breakfast – smoothies are great.
  • Add lunches – think salads or smoothies or juices.
  • Try all raw until dinner. (check out healthy dinner recipes at
  • Start all meals with raw and end with cooked.
  • Gradually increase the amount of raw food you eat.
  • Start making raw meals from Uncook books. There are some great recipes in The Raw Food Detox Diet (Rose), Fresh (Boutenko), and 12 Steps to Raw Foods (Boutenko) if you want to be more adventurous.
  • Start by eliminating food one at a time - sugar, salt, white anything, dairy, grains, processed foods – until everything is replaced with raw.
  • Don’t eat until you are hungry.

Starting A Raw Food Diet – Noticing Progress

As you start to feel better, look better, and notice other changes, your motivation will rise and eating raw food will become easier. You may begin to question why you are eating cooked food at all. Sure you love those cooked foods, but do they love you back?

Although you may have emotional attachments to your cooked foods, you will come to a point where you no longer look at cooked food as a treat.

Starting A Raw Food Diet On The Fast Track

If you do have health challenges and want to go totally raw right away, I would still recommend a transition phase and checking with your naturopathic doctor first. You may want to fast for a week on raw fruit and vegetable juices. Check out our page on Juice Fasting.

Starting a Raw Food Diet As If
Your Life Depended On It

Please stop poisoning your cells. If you are serious about getting healthier, putting anything into your body that doesn’t create healthy cells is just silly. It would be like cleaning your kitchen floor and then tracking mud all over it.

You are totally in control of what you put in your mouth. Eating shouldn’t be an unconscious habit. Use more raw food to take the place of food that your body cannot utilize or digest properly. Eating enzyme rich food from Mother Nature which is designed to heal your body is one of the best things you can do for your health.

Be kind to this body that is always striving for health no matter what we do to it. You can still be healthier than you have ever been. There is a vast difference between surviving and thriving. Give your body a chance to show you what it can do with the proper fuel – raw food.

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