Vegetable Nutrition Facts

Vegetable nutrition facts are important to know so you can eat for your specific needs – regularly, perhaps four to six times a week. Vegetables contain all the amino acids, minerals, salts, enzymes and vitamins needed by the body. Like fruits, vegetables should be eaten in season and in moderation in the region in which they are grown.

General Vegetable Nutrition Facts


✓ Are the builders and regenerators of the body
✓ Also aid in the cleansing process
✓ Purify and renew the blood
✓ Free us from degenerative diseases

Specific Vegetable Nutrition Facts

As with fruit, juicing vegetables concentrates the cleansing, building and regenerative properties. The following are some specific healing and nourishing properties of some common vegetables.

Vegetable Nutrition Facts Asparagus


  • diuretic, good for clearing the kidneys
  • moistens the lungs, treats congestion
  • helps with diabetes, anemia and tuberculosis
  • treats rheumatism
  • builds the blood
  • cleansing effect on the liver
  • used for menstrual disturbances, particularly during menopause for hormone regulation

Vegetable Nutrition Facts - Broccoli


  • used for eye inflammation and nearsightedness
  • diuretic
  • benefits rough skin
  • normalizes entire system
  • improves and maintains bone structure and teeth
  • good for ulcerous and cancerous conditions
  • improves intestinal and liver functions
  • good for colon (especially with spinach juice)
  • benefits the skin, earaches and deafness
  • treats night blindness
  • nourishes the optic system
  • stimulates the elimination of wastes
  • benefits the lungs
  • benefits stomach and spleen-pancreas, liver and gallbladder
  • calms the liver
  • improves digestion
  • purifies the blood
  • helps renew joints, bones, arteries and all connective tissues
  • useful in treatment of rheumatism, arthritis, gout and nerve inflammation
  • helpful for kidneys, diabetes and osteoporosis
  • best natural diuretic and kidney cleanser known
  • counteracts toxins and lifts depression
  • cleanses the blood
  • benefits the heart, spleen-pancreas, stomach and colon
  • moistens lungs
  • purifies the skin
  • digestive aid
  • treats kidney and bladder infection
  • helps both high and low blood pressure
  • helps teeth, gums, nails, hair and skin
The Night Shade Family consists of the potato, tomato, eggplant and all peppers (except black). Americans seem to crave the nightshades, even though they contain a toxin which can produce diarrhea, heart failure, headache and vomiting. Extreme reactions are rare, but some people are allergic or sensitive. A light-headed feeling and difficulty focusing mentally are the effects. Each nightshade has specific properties.

Eggplant (actually a fruit)

  • reduces swelling
  • clears stagnant blood, dissolves tumors, especially affecting the uterus
  • reduces bleeding
  • renews arteries and prevents strokes
  • treats dysentery, diarrhea, snake and scorpion bites and frostbite
  • may cause miscarriage, as it influences the uterus

Vegetable Nutrition Facts - Peppers


  • good for skin, hair and nails
  • aid the immune system
  • help heal heart conditions
  • clears up skin (raw juice)
  • healthy cleanser of the system
  • tones spleen-pancreas
  • harmonizes the stomach, treats ulcers
  • lubricates the intestines
  • neutralizes body acids, which relieves arthritis and rheumatism
  • reduces inflammation
  • juice heals burns (externally)
  • lowers blood pressure
  • green potatoes, eyes and sprouts are toxic

Vegetable Nutrition Facts - Tomato

Tomato (actually a fruit)

  • relieves dryness and thirst
  • tones the stomach and cleans the liver
  • purifies the blood and detoxifies the body in general
  • encourages digestion
  • relieves high blood pressure and headache
The Onion Family (chive, garlic, leek, onion, and scallion) in general
  • benefits the lungs
  • purify the body
  • clean the arteries
  • help remove heavy metals and parasites
NOTE: When juicing any of the onion family, it may take several days of use to eradicate the aroma from a juicer. It will flavor any juices subsequently made on the juicer, so please be aware


  • excellent for rapid general cleansing of the entire system
  • stimulates appetite, secretion of gastric juices, promotes peristalsis and diuretic action, and removes abdominal obstruction
  • promotes circulation and sweating
  • dissolves mucus in sinus cavities, bronchial tubes and lungs
  • inhibits viruses and other micro-organisms, antibiotic and anti-fungal
  • eliminates worms, intestinal parasites, unfavorable bacteria and yeasts
  • promotes growth of healthy intestinal flora
  • useful for dysentery, pneumonia, tuberculosis, asthma, hay fever, snake bite, Lyme Disease and hepatitis

Vegetable Nutrition Facts - Leek


  • counteracts bleeding and diarrhea
  • treats difficulty in swallowing
  • benefits the liver
  • generally the same as garlic, but more gently and slowly
  • lowers blood pressure and cholesterol
  • decreases phlegm and inflammation of nose and throat
  • treats dysentery
  • inhibits allergic reaction
  • wards off mosquitoes
  • repels fleas from pets
  • treats pain and swelling of arthritis
  • benefits spleen-pancreas and stomach

    Vegetable Nutrition Facts - Parsnip

  • helps clear liver and gallbladder obstruction
  • promotes perspiration
  • mildly diuretic
  • lubricates intestines
  • wild variety may be poisonous
  • helps regulate blood sugar balance and benefits the pancreas
  • useful for diabetes and hypoglycemia
  • promotes discharge of mucus from lungs, bronchi and throat
  • moistens lungs
  • dissolves mucus in sinuses, throat and digestive tract
  • stimulates the liver and cleanses the system
  • expels and prevents gallstones
  • great kidney cleanser, decreases water retention, expels kidney and bladder stones
  • improves elimination
  • helps keep thyroid hormones in balance
  • stimulates circulatory system
  • relieves indigestion and abdominal swelling
  • promotes urination and sweating
  • antifungal and antimicrobial properties
  • remedy for diarrhea, abdominal pain and swelling, and arthritis
  • benefits the spleen-pancreas and stomach

    Vegetable Nutrition Facts - Zucchini

  • reduces inflammation
  • alleviates pain
  • diuretic (zucchini)
Sweet Potato and Yam
  • strengthens the spleen-pancreas
  • removes toxins from the body
  • benefits the kidneys
  • treats diarrhea
  • improves circulation, promotes sweating
  • builds the blood, purifies and detoxifies the body
  • removes mucus, relieves coughing
  • treats lung-related imbalances, sinus and bronchial disorders and asthma

Vegetable Nutrition Facts – Juicing

My favorite way to get the vegetables and greens my body needs is to juice them. I have at least a pint to a quart every day. I regularly juice (all together) beets, carrots, celery, cucumber, tomato, radish, zucchini and turnip, with Romaine and green leaf lettuce, spinach, cabbage, dandelion and parsley. To this I always add lemons and apples and gingerroot. I also alternate greens such as chard, beet greens, collard greens, bok choy, radish tops, and yam leaves to name a few. Check out the vegetable nutrition facts to figure out what your body needs and try juicing them!

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